What you living now , is your life?

what are you living your life for

We have living in habitual thought that we have much time. Even we know we have limited time , we still wasting time on things which are not ore important… is that things matters after 5 years, or even after 1 year or even after 1 month? mostly the answer is no. We growing and have limited time.

It;s not always right , which is  everyone doing. Most interesting thing is that when you try to do something diffrent , the loved ones trying to ask you questions, and you stops there. That situation might communication skill can help…!! cause mostly in world 90% perpole never try twice. Rarely few people try again n again..

The world is trying hard to make you everybody else. This world is not wise and not that one person is man. But thing is revers, there are many mad peoples trying to suppress wise people. But wise never stops, Just keep in mind you are on path of truth n nevr hurting others.

Finally just rethingk your life ask yourself what are you doing is really matters? Are you flowing with thoughts, ego, lust or you are doing something that gives value to your birth. So you can proudly say that I live …Live before you die… Finally you are going die then that final test , are you prepared for that , that you can say to death no regret . You have something? that can’t be snached by death.

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