Love Peace and Happiness

There are several articles on internet and millions on books about love. But it still unexplained, cause love is beyond words limit. No any language has that power to express the feeling of love, that’s why when you talk or communicate with loved once for hours n hours still you feel I just missed to tell him/her.

Peace is the ultimate need of soul. Peace might be steel by many ways , but the major reason in most cases to not have peace is feeling of fear. That fear might be any thing , about less wealth , fear of loosing person etc. etc. But you have to understand the basic nature of peace is that , peace is absent in presense of worries. The simple way I can say that Worry is total different than Care. If you worry then you can’t care in better way. If you worry better take the necessary action rather than worry.

Happiness comes with Love and Peace. Happiness is extreme level of pleasure. Pleasure is temporary, it’s depends upon temporary external things. Might sometimes depends upon the person etc. But happiness is when you get experience joy and peace from within you.

You can start with external things to make you happy for while when you get emotionally down.  You will find path to find Happiness when you follow your heart for Love & Peace..

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