14 Tips for Better Life Style

14 Tips for Better Life Style

  • 1.Smile when you wakeup — Start your day with gratitude be thankful for having one more day in life. Most of the people dies before seeing this morning.. is this not reason to be thankful to Universe. If you are alone you can laugh but if not then you can just show your thankfulness by pleasent smile
  • 2.Body Love Meditation — After wake up you go to bath then feel every drop of water on your body. While touching your body spread the love feeling to your body parts. Say thanks to your body , cause due to this body you can smell, test , listen n view. Be thankful to your body...
  • 3.Eat with love — While eating means while doing breakfast / lunch or dinner enjoy every byte of food you have. Take each byte slowly. Chewing your food also good for health. While drinking Cofee / Tea / Water or other drinks just feel the test of each gulp you taken...
  • 4. Deep breathing — You take breath conciously and unconciously. In a day atleast for 5 minuts take the deep breath with closed eyes. Just feel the movement of body near stomache / chest / shoulder. Keep all focus to movement of breath in body. So you can have no thoughts or negotiable thoughts in mind.
  • 5. Get Engaged with more focus — You are doing many works in daily routing. So try to get fully involved in the work you are going to do. Means if you are driving just more focus on driving. Also same way try to get more concetration on small small acivity you are doing daily
  • 6. Control The Organs — This point means less or only required movement of body parts. Means No extra unwanted talks, no unwanted listening. Not doing unwated , not necessory activity. It will save the energy get wastage in these activities. So you can use it where it required.
  • 7. Remember Yourself — Use alarm in day at every 2 hours time interval. So in day 6 to 8 times you will get alert. after every alert you just close your eyes for 2 minuts , just experience yourself , no ther things to think. If you are in work , you just take 2 minuts break without closing eyes.
  • 8. 20+ minuts in a day meditation — In a day if you get more time to spend alon i.e. 20 minuts or extra then just do meditation. Just be like empty, n fill yourself more. there are many ways to do meditations find one which suits to you.
  • 9. 15 minutes to get motivated — Watch any mtivational video or inspiring video from religious activity / fevrate motivational speaker. If you like to read you may also read something regarding this category. Means in short for at least for 15 min/day read , listen , watch that motivates you, helps you to more positive
  • 10. Spread Happiness — While meeting friend / relatives or anyone just be friendly n kind with them. Meet with them positively, friendly.. The responsibility of their happiness is not yours. BUt responsibily of your happiness is yours.
  • 11. Get Connected with nature — For atleast for 15 minuts get in contact of nature . You can watch sunrise in early morning, sunset in evening , can watch moon & starts. You can also feel the wind flow , fresh air, colorful flowers also look over the trees. Its very pleasent cause human being is made from the nature.
  • 12. Find happiness in most of the moment — Be happy as possible to you can. The pleasent man is great!! Your happiness & pleasentness it is the most beautiful form of prayer. Search for the reason for happiness. One day you will no need to find reason for to be happy !!!
  • 13. Do some physical activity — Do some physical excercise at least for 15 min. If possible go to gym / go for some long walk/ or do some physical work...
  • 14. Get out of Comfort Zone — Take small small calculated risks . Give challenges to your mind and body. Means some time use stairs instade of lift, Have some fasting when you can.You can also turn off Fan or A/C for 15 minutes.. Just be aware it must be calculated risk oyutside conmfort zone...
  • Source : (From Youtube Video of Osho Shailendra in hindi) Link :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBmiar2n9Qg

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