Swapnil Akolkar

Simple Person With Simple Things To Say ..

Some stories and experiences of my life to share with you just as friend. 


What I do

According to me , each person do things in different dimentions, generally do work for earning, do somethings for enjoyment, some things for family and some things for his/her own soul. So I do following things for different purpose.


Programming Websites & Mobile Apps

This is my work, to earn money to survive in this world. I do it in my own firm, I was previously working with some startup’s in Pune. Then I found no interest in the lifestyle of metro city employee. I don’t wanted to become fixed framed lifestyled person. I saw the pains of other peoples , who doing the same things. But I have my passion in coding. So I decided to continue same web design and app development but with own timing and interest something like freelancer.

Later I realise that freelancer life is also faking, I changed my attitude and decided to start web design agency at my hometown, which is far way from technology. But I able to manage to get some tech loving people who helps together to build the firm Stitpragya Technologies,



Study of Spiritual Literatures

I am always seeking things thats gives me inner peace, initially I was trying many things to find the satisfactions, as an Indian , it was easy for me to deflect towards kirtanas, temples any so called other text books related to spirituality. But it was not that easy, cause you have many variety and many openions on God in India and in rest world there are also many openions for each religion. So it’s quite interesting and challenging to find youe peace in the ocean of truth and false. 

and this is non stop work to purify the knowledge you have with help of inner voice and the highly intellectual texts available with the time.

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Rest of the Things & Hobbies

So many time of life still remaining in each one’s life even after work time and spiritual time.

thats time is family time, hobbies time and enjoyment time. Sometimes nature bless us with this timeslot. It depends upon us how we use it.

I this time I do writing poems, drawing some arts, grabbing some novels and read them , and some other little little things.